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APIT - Injection Therapy

APIT - Injection Therapy ... click the link to learn more

APIT - Injection Therapy

APIT - Injection Therapy

Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (APIT) is a non surgical, non- pharmaceutical treatment for a variety of issues. It is the injection of a customized cocktail mixture of nutraceutical vitamins, homeopathics and mild analgesics into acupuncture points.

This integrative therapy combines the best of traditional Chinese medicine with conventional and homeopathic medicines. This therapy can be very effective for alleviating pain, prevention of illness, and improvement of physiological function. When utilized for trigger point pain relief, these injections offer QUICK pain relief.

This treatment is very effective in treating acute pain and chronic conditions including:



Joint pain

Lower back pain


Herniated Disc

Sports Injuries

Migraine headaches

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Shoulder Injuries


1. B12: $25.00
2. Herbal Injections: $85.00-120.00
3. Prolo-Therapy: $100.00
4. PRP injections: $120.00
5. Lipolean: $85.00
6. Homeopathic Injections: $85.00-120.00

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